Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Homemade Magnetic Holy Cards!
They are done.  Or let's just say I am done with them.  The glitter will live on.  The varnish has the glitter on the cards secure, but a lot escaped in my room.  (Fran was kind enough to say that it gave my face a glowing, 'holiday' look.) That vial, which is smaller than my little finger, holds enough glitter to cover the house.

Someone said what a heartfelt gift these will be.  Heartfelt is probably code for "amazing ... if executed by a twelve year old."  I'm wondering if I should try to put the words "magnetic holy card" into the attached greeting.  Just to make the purpose absolutely clear.  If it weren't two below zero I might be seriously tempted to run out and find some little trinkety things to give.

But we'll go with the heartfelt.  Because they really are. In all respects.  (I don't think my coworkers will be too appalled by a little gift that looks like it was made by an overly pious twelve year old glitter fiend. And if they are?  Well, it'll be a memorable gift.)

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