Sunday, December 21, 2008

The men in your life may leave you, Children grow up, parents pass away. The only ones who are there for you, From cradle to grave, Are your sisters.
Or so they say...

I've surrendered in the TV in the living room war. I've even started taking advantage of it. One of the Christmas boxes had a bunch of VHS tapes that I hadn't yet parted with. That was part attachment, part laziness. But I realized the other day, the DVD player in the living room - all installed over my objections - contains a VHS player, too. So I decided to drag out the tapes that I had not yet replaced with DVDs. Babar and Father Christmas. The John Hughes Miracle on 34th St. remake with the house near the Lake Forest library .  And the tape of the Sisters Christmas episode from, I think, 1991.  

I'm making an effort this Christmas to savor the small Advent moments, both spiritual and not-so-spiritual, near perfect and far from perfect.  It was nice to let go of my task agenda and just put my feet up with some of the girls and watch this delightful chaotic Christmas eve gathering visited by a spectral of Charles Dickens and the ghost of salmonellosis.  

We really should do that more often.  Now I need to find the very special one of a kind Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with the five minutes of footage of a unsuspecting man performing tai chi in Sunrise Park while giggling school girls run the videocamera.  They may have been little mischief makers but they had a good grasp of  the zoom-in/pan-out.


TS said...

The men in your life may leave you

...given the actuarial tables husbands usually die first, so sisters are a good bet from cradle to grave.

Ellyn said...

I also think you can drive them away...or at least out of the room...if you spend enough time watching shows like this. :)

TS said...

Yeah, give me an Arrested Development any day.

I heard via my own blog that you added an RSS feed! (Jeff Miller commented and mentioned it.) Marvelous. Very helpful.

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