Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does This Strike Anyone as Wrong?
"The Candle Keepsafe™ is a smaller capacity urn that can be used to keep a memorial item or small amount of cremated remains. When the urn base is combined with the candle top it forms a beautiful memorial candle that can be lit as a symbol of honor and remembrance."

May I quote the Catechism on this one: (2300) The bodies of the dead must be treated with respect and charity, in faith and hope of the Resurrection. The burial of the dead is a corporal work of mercy;

Keeping Mom in a drab tschotschke is not.


Mrs. T said...

Have you see the teddy bear? There's a teddy bear whose stomach unzips so that you can insert a . . . . receptacle of some kind, maybe a baggie, I don't know . . . containing your beloved's ashes. And then what? Sleep with it? Collect a whole family?

The extra-catechetical possibilities are mind-blowing.

(I often feel I'm following you around on Anthony's blog, by the way. Your comments are generally as entertaining as whatever he said to begin with.)

Mrs. T said...

Have you SEEN the teddy bear, I meant. As in, "O say can you seen."

Ellyn said...

Besides the serious ramifications of respect for bodily remains, I would foresee all sorts of problems with that stuff in my house. The teddy bear? OY...I can imagine it being donated to the Rummage Shop and some unsuspecting child receiving a dreadful surprise. And those candles? I know some helpful soul would toss that right in the trash - maybe before the light ran out! :)

Ellyn said...

About Anthony's blog... it's... like chocolate covered cashews. Absolutely irresistible!

Mrs. T said...

You know, I'm never going to look at the stuffed toys in the Good Neighbor shop up the street the same way again. I will certainly never assume that a zipper means you can stuff your pajamas into the teddy for a sleepover (remember those?). Yeek.

And yes, the things that happen to stuffed animals in my house lead me to think that Aunt Iola in that state would not be the least bit safe or well-dressed. For long, anyway.

I agree, Anthony's blog is pretty addictive. He's like a one-man Onion, with religion. Well, two-man, if you count Herr Doktor. I really missed him when he left First Things, so I was delighted to find him online again.

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