Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Counting down...
While I try to maintain a suitable Advent disposition in my heart, the Christmas hysteria swirls about.

On the home front things are pretty well under control.  The tree went up early (before December 24 is early) and I'm actually enjoying it.    We haven't started any baking, but the other preparations are going well.  It helps to have a good entourage.

Work is OK, but the mounting tension is palpable.  There are time sensitive tasks and making sure everything is on track makes me a little edgy.  Worse yet is when I feel that everything is going really, really well.  That can only mean that I have overlooked something. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I had a position of real responsibility.  

My major messages of this week:

 - Your great-grandma was born in this area around 1855.  Why do you contact me the week before Christmas with genealogical research?  You are the second request this week.  What's with you people?

- Everybody wants to attend Christmas Eve Mass in the church at 4:00pm.  Altar server positions were locked up weeks ago.  FYI, I already have a request for Christmas 2009.  

- I'm touched by your trust when you confide in me that you are looking for work and , btw, you are an illegal alien fearing deportation.  But really, there's nothing I can do.

- We sent every registered parishioner a lovely Advent/Christmas schedule, suitable for hanging on your refrigerator.  So you've lost it already?  By 3:00pm on 12/24 I will be hoarse from reciting the Mass schedule.

- You sound like you are trying to scam up some 'help,' relying on the warm feelings of the Christmas season.  You have no idea how low on warm feelings some of us are.  So low.
At some moments it is a Herculean effort to comfort the truly afflicted, refrain from screaming at the kids and take a pass on kicking the dog.

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