Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Artist Formally Known for Prints
Thomas Kinkade's 16 Guidelines for Making Stuff Suck
This article was really, really funny.
Now I feel mean and snobbish. But not so remorseful that the article didn't make me laugh on a second reading.
Though I would disagree with the author's description of "domineering religious worldview." I mean, come on, you could say that about Caravaggio, too. And that doesn't make them equal. ( Of course, some people feel any kind of religiosity is intrusive, domineering and out of place. And at that juncture is where Kinkade's major damage is done. Sappy saccharine Christianity may bring comfort to some, but I doubt that it is an effective tool of evangelization. It may be doing a good amount of de-evangelizing.)

“Putting Thomas Kinkade in an art-historical context is like trying to put Jack Chick in the context of the illustrated comic strip.”

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