Monday, October 27, 2008

Wisconsin Death Trip
No, we’re not going up to see my sister.
Just wanted to pass along that my favorite plotless book is also my favorite plotless movie. Another piece of evidence that Wisconsin is the "south of the north." (And remember kids, it's Death Trip, not Death Trap.)

This director’s commentary is worth a listen. And not just from the standpoint of the fascinating details of making an exquisite movie on a very tight budget.

Director James Marsh talks about being perplexed with the Christian concept of the Eucharist. He does not reveal what his religious background is but he seems rather unclear on this concept; what understanding he does have is of the basic Lutheran consubstantiation variety. Being Wisconsin, of course, the present day communion scene shows the tidy Lutheran distribution of communion in pristine glass thimbles. Marsh could not resist the opportunity to segue from communion to shots in the local tavern. (I’d like to call that a cheap shot, but then, having once upon a time participated in the preparation and subsequent washing of those thimbles…)

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