Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to the Family!
Yes, this is the actual pig via email introduction.
Once weaned, this delightful little porker will be joining my sister's household. Her family recently moved into a dilapidated charming fixer-upper farmhouse on 20 acres in the North Woods. So she's not exactly doing a Mrs. Walgreen, though they do have every intention of allowing "Cletus" to roam about the house*. Karen has it on the best authority that this pig is 'trainable.' We can hope. Scrappy, our twelve pound hound has occasional lapses in training. I shudder to imagine the consequences if were ten times the weight.

* Perfectly lovely to have in the home, these potbellies necessitate the securing of cabinets etc. to prevent out of control feeding. This led me to the crass suggestion of Prader-Willi as a potential last name for Cletus.

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