Thursday, October 09, 2008

It is time for my sister's annual Halloween party. Which I will probably have to pass on. It's just too difficult to get away. And, if I were superstitious, I would be thinking of the fact that last year's party ended (at least for Bridget and me!) in the emergency room awaiting an appendectomy. And our July visit was overshadowed by Bridget's beau being maimed in a fireworks accident in another part of the north woods.
But I would so like to see Karen...and her new house in the country.

Our recent conversations have been restricted to early afternoons. She calls me at work on her way to work in the Twin Cities. That's about the only time we're both available. Or near the proper phone. The 'dream' farm house is quite the dead zone, with cellular service only avaible to those who stand out near the silo. I think a lacy peignoir set would be a tasteful housewarming gift. And while she's waiting for the real chickens, we may spin off one of our fake hens to a new home up north.

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