Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking forward...
to this article. Provided mail is still delivered to our house. We don't call the post office with every case of chagrin, but I thought mail left on the windshield deserved a little chat with the postmaster. (BTW, Em, he says, "hey.") Sorry, dude, we're trying to meet you half-way with the blogged mailbox business - remember we even had the mailbox moved when the snowplow would block it in - and you could show just a tad of interest in delivering our mail, dry and on time.

Looking forward to reading about Babar.
We love Babar.
I think I love him even more since my sister's old college friend said Babar should be banned because he is some sort of tool of colonialism. And I thought he was an upwardly mobile green-suited elephant who works in a department store.

1 comment:

Marklar said...

Babar banned? Never. We will have to discuss this whole colonialism thing because I don't see it.

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