Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Book Sale
Greatly tempered by the weather, but fun nonetheless.
All I can say at this moment, before I go back to bed, is, "How many book sales wind up with me standing in the bathtub scrubbing off the mud?"

Time for rest and recovery so that I can bring the best me to jury duty tomorrow.
Or just any old me.


dylan said...

Jury duty? Bring a good book!


Ellyn said...

No kidding...I read a whole book. And I was never even called to be a potential juror.

I must say that compared to what I've heard of other courthouses, ours does a nice job of accomodating the jury pool. Free Wi-Fi, complementary computers for games etc., large screen TV's (the Cub fans were having a good time!) and a credit for the cafeteria and Starbucks drink station. So it could have been worse.

dylan said...

Holy moly! You're right, it could've been worse. It could have been Boston, where we have none of those neat things. At least, not the last time I was called for jury duty ...

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