Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just Rip Out My Endocrine System...
Adventures in the Neuralgic State of Decline

But that probably wouldn't help either.
This hasn't been the most productive week. When I saw the rheumatologist last week - another less than enlightening visit, but he takes our insurance so I'm not complaining too much* - we decided the prednisone was causing more trouble than it was helping so we're tapering off. Which consists of trading one set of unpleasant side effects for another.

So I feel crummy, my mind wanders and I'm more than a little irritable. I took Monday off from work but I won't try that again. Instead of resting, I just kept finding more things to feed my irritability. Blech. In this situation work is a pleasant diversion. And when I'm feeling too bad, I can just stare at my computer for a few minutes until it passes. Tomorrow I have to lead the rosary during our Assumption novena. I think I am up to 15 minutes of focused effort. And I hope I'll be feeling better next week.

At the end of the day I can pull things together enough to work on some of the little boxes I've been making. Fran and I might do a craft show or two. I hope I can find more discard classic children's books at the library book sale next month. The Goodnight Moon box that I had envisioned several years ago finally started to come together last night. The hard part was locating the missing spare copy of Goodnight Moon and the right size box. The rest is easy. If I don't sell the boxes I'll have some nice little things to give to my friends for Christmas, so I either way I come out ahead. I'll probably have a lot done since I've made any of my junk TV viewing contingent upon working while watching.

*We can't even agree on how to pronounce malaise. Rick thinks I'm being fussy over the lack of communication, saying I'm not dating him. True. If that first visit had been a blind date, I would have had to fake devastating neuralgia and bail. But there has to be a modicum of communication. Right? Huh? Do you hear me? Am I still alive?

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