Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right-y o...

Embot and Ed beat the Trib to this scoop:

State gives Lake Bluff estate a religious break worth $80,000 in property tax, but village says not so fast to pastor-owner

Just a little droll tale to pass the time on the road to the north woods. (They are friends with a fellow who used to live in the house 'church.'

They saved the bigger news for later:

I mean they are expecting a baby. I can't see myself as a grandmother. I'm still having trouble looking in the mirror every morning and realizing I'm not 17. I think time heals these problems. Rick's mom was much more elated to find out that she is going to be a great-grandmother than I think she was when she found out that Emily was on the way some thirty years ago. Because the elation of finding out about the new ba
by is tempered with the thought, "Me? A grandmother?"

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