Saturday, July 12, 2008

Listen, I'm not joking. This is my job!
Saturday morning…I’m at work right now. Which is what I had been planning on.
I’ve been scheduled for today for about a month. I’m not sure if I am eligible for ‘personal days’ yet, so knowing that I had an extra work day scheduled was a major determinant in whether or not to take off Monday to go see my sister.

Now…in what can be best described using a military term that starts with “cluster-,” I come in to work followed five minutes later by a part-time employee who thought she was scheduled. She doesn’t want to go home because it would waste gas (with gas at $4.35 a gallon, this kind of dispute will become more common)..I’m thinking (but not saying, because, blogging at work notwithstanding, I wish to be the consummate professional), “You have a real job. This is my real job. I’m not doing this for a little something extra..”

I shall say no more. But I think I will take it up with my direct supervisor on Monday.
I won’t leave a note. I’m more restrained when speaking. At least with those outside the family. At this moment, a note would definitely begin: What kind of cluster…

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