Sunday, July 20, 2008

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It's been awhile since I've mentioned the 'unpleasant' woman down the street. This may be because I had the (mistaken) impression that she no longer considered us a menace to the neighborhood and/or blemish on the face of the "Belle Reve Homeowners' Association."* She caught me in a vulnerable moment. Just as I had returned home from work; trapping me in my car. I didn't mind having to cover the driver's seat before I went into Mass because I couldn't close the window. We make do. But what I wouldn't have given for a window that I could have raised.

Then I would have backed back out of the driveway and taken off at a speed that would have intimidated the lunatic drivers that she had come to complain about. Look, lady, I don't like those drivers, either. But you lost me with the "too many people at your address who park on the street, there's too much traffic into those apartments and it's probably mostly from drug dealers and if there's drug dealers there's probably prostitution, too, and while we're at it the Homeowners' Association is going to be asking the township to put up NO PARKING signs up and down Smith Ave. and that schoool bus driver who leaves his bus on the street sure won't be doing it this year and if you have more visitors that can park in your driveway I really don't care..." Do you see where this was going? One of the most ambitious stream of consciousness rants ever! All manner of complaints real and imaginary. Except for the sinkhole. She's not the least bit concerned about the sinkhole.

What could I say? Nothing. For once, nothing. There are times when I feel like we are a crazy magnet. But we can't take credit/blame for all the problems. Next time I see her in the cul de sac, it will be a quick 180 and I'll go sit at Starbucks until the coast is clear. Or maybe we'll finally get the window fixed.

Belles reves, tout le monde!

* - Something of a pseudonym. Not that belle. Certainly no dream. And we're only renters.

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