Thursday, June 01, 2006

The blog...
my 21st century replacement for "I think I'll eat some worms."
*Leg hurts. Doctor says I'm way ahead of the recovery curve. Co-worker says I still have a limp - I should work on it. Thanks.

*My sister calls to have me answer a trivia question. "What is your middle name?" Mary. Thanks.

*Still smarting from watching the National Geographic Bee, (what, I don't get partial credit for identifying Ayres Rock as 'that big red rock in Australia?') I am humbled watching the finals of the National Spelling Bee. Those kids are amazing. Nice antidote for weltschmerz - one of the few words I could spell. To say I've lost my edge would be understatement. And why haven't I driven any of my children to the heights of academic competition? Why?

*A busy day at work, short-handed for part of the time. And with a disproportionate number of stupid calls. Calls like "How do you spell Lucifer?" and "Where's the hack saw? We need to cut the bolts from the old toilet seat." You can guess the origination of those calls. Thanks.

*And I'm just so freakin' tired...I fell asleep during JEOPARDY again. When I excused myself to bed on Sunday evening, Emily said, "But, Mother, it's only 8:30" with the same intonation as if she had caught me making a martini at 8:30 in the morning.
This, too, shall pass. I can only hope too much of the world doesn't pass me by as I absorb sleep like a big, absorbent, porous SpongeEllyn Sleepy Pants.

*Still don't have my license back. But as soon as the BBV passes its emissions test...then I'm off. Having to be totally dependent on Rick for rides was touching and humbling when I was unable to drive. Now it is annoying...for both of us.
I would like to get back into my habit of daily Mass a couple days a week...but right now it doesn't agree with the transportation schedule. (Having to arrange a ride to go to confession on Saturday was bad enough. And I've been a little skittish with abandonment issues since I was 'left behind' after the Passion Service on Good Friday afternoon. Nothing makes a parish look good like a lady with a cane sitting woefully in the back parking lot. As for why Rick didn't just join me, instead of going to his parents' house to bring in their newspaper, mail and watch Loony Tunes, I won't even go there....except to say I'm working on it.)

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