Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Multitude of Blessings...
I’m walkin’. Walkin’ and talkin’. Singin’ and dancin’, almost. Praise God - everything has gone so well. Yes, there have been discomforts and minor annoyances, but all in all I can’t imagine how things could be any better. My staples are out and I feel pretty good.

Beautiful day. The garden is doing well, no thanks to me. Fran, on top of helping take care of me, has been knocking herself out working in the yard.

Made it to Mass. An extra treat was that we were visited by Fr. Robert Barron, who is always an extraordinary preacher. (Fr. Barron has a new DVD, too, which I was able to watch during my recent R&R - Conversion: Following the Call of Christ. Get a copy now. Get several. They are something you’ll want to share.)

I was able to go to Target yesterday. Hanging around the house ‘resting’ was making me feel a lot like David Blaine in that wacky water ball. Only my fingers aren’t wrinkled. Haven’t done so much walking since Christmas....what a change. What a relief.

Music. Breakfast with the Beatles. All the stuff I didn’t listen to during Lent. (Giving up music is more arduous than one might think. And this year I felt so crappy that I didn’t have the energy to turn on the radio, CD’s etc on Lenten Sundays. I spent most of those napping and watching any drivel that could be controlled with an index finger on the TV remote.) Rick put a bunch of my favorite music on his iPod so that I could listen in bed during any sleepless spells during my recovery. I have scoffed at iPods so much, and now I think I may have trouble returning this item to its owner. So cool. So small and simple and efficient. And to think it survived that first night....when I came back from a trip to the bathroom to find that it had fallen into the bedside glass of Gatorade.

Back on the computer. Lots of blogs to catch up on. And I have the energy and attention span after being lost in the ozone for so long. Lots and lots to read. And Dylan’s back!

Tomorrow is another step closer to normal. Back to work! And then home again to face another homeschooling year in which, due to circumstances somewhat beyond our control, Shakespeare month has been extended indefinitely. We still haven’t done our children’s Macbeth in the form of a radio play. Enthusiasm is not overwhelming. Perhaps we should have done this when I could have played the pity card. (I have a few pity cards left. But I need those for difficult household chores...)

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