Monday, May 22, 2006

I do believe....
The state mandated bureaucratic fly in the ointment has been removed. There is a bit of irony in a student winning a scholarship but not being allowed to graduate because she didn’t pass health education . I think it is kind of funny to receive separate letters informing us of the scholarship and the potential failure to graduate on the same day. Pater wasn’t laughing. Then he called me at work, so it could ruin my lunch, too. Surely better health education would discourage this kind of a gastric irritation. Mustn’t have been a mandatory course when our dear father was a student at same high school. But everything is under control now, with Martha claiming a high C in health. Perhaps it was the poignant essay she wrote on being the child of a mother with an overwrought and deteriorating nervous constitution. Or maybe she just made up the msissing assignments. You know, from the days her health was marginal.

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