Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well, it wasn’t exactly a golden ticket.
But that’s the way I felt. I was excited to receive an invitation to my former pastor’s episcopal ordination. And amazed to find that the blue dot on the ticket sent us to front of the cathedral. Amazing. The whole thing was amazing. I’m still trying to take it all in. Like Embot’s wedding, there was a lot of talk and sweat involved in the preparations...and then it came and went so quickly. I can only imagine how our new bishop feels. The ceremonies were moving. And things went so smoothly that one could hardly guess how much effort went into everything. One of my work pals carried the bishop’s miter in the procession. Despite protestations of nervousness, she performed her duties with extreme ease. Beautiful, beaming and so smooth you would think she did it all the time.

As a mom, I felt admiration (OK...and a little envy) for our new bishop’s mother. One can only imagine the joy that must have been in her heart. And his father, close to ninety, was able to attend. I couldn’t have been the only one there who found a certain bittersweet consonance in the Gospel reading for the Feast of the Presentation.

We were almost disoriented seeing so many people we knew in one location away from home. And so many bishops. (Not moving on the diagonal!) A few knights. We were pleased to be very blessed ‘pawns.’

We love you Fr. Bishop George. Ad multos annos!

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