Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Moms sue maker of Thomas trains
Not as bad as it sounds.
I do kind of wonder about anyone who spends $5,000 on toy trains for a four year old. And admits it in the newspaper.

We don’t have any warranty problems. The boys (12 and 16) are a bit past the Thomas age but the things (which I thought I had packed away for posterity) keep turning up around the house. Bridget removed one, I think it was Gordon but my memory is getting a little shaky, from the jaws of the new dog just the other morning. (Yes, there’s a new dog. I haven’t calmed down enough to write about him. Yes, he’s cute. Cute Clyde.)

Chuck and I were reminiscing about Thomas the other day. The billion times we watched the tapes at nap time. It didn’t take long for us to start reciting dialogue long lodged in the recesses of our brains. But I was disappointed that I couldn’t name all the characters. There was a time that I knew all of them. And their attributes.

I couldn’t resist the chance to tease Chuck about the time he had to be removed from Mass because the thought that the priest said, “Lord, have Percy.” And Chuck started howling “Percy” over and over.

Yessirree...we’re getting our lifetime’s worth out of Thomas.

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