Monday, January 09, 2006

The Wild, The Innocent and the Smith Street Arthritic Shuffle
Add to the list of minor catastrophies that are best having happened after the Christmas/wedding convergence, one ring bearer with a broken arm. When Karen called to tell me that Dave had big news for me, I was anticipating announcement of his first hat trick, not a cleanly broken radius. And this didn’t even happen during the heat of battle, but while cruising around the ice during free skate time.

They had an appointment today with an orthopedic surgeon to have the bone properly alligned. As a show of solidarity with my nephew - or perhaps not to be shamed by a small child - I decided to actually keep the appointment with my orthopaedist to discuss arthroplasty. An optimistic attitude has only gotten me so far and at this point I think I need a working hip combined with a good attitude. It doesn’t sound as bad as I had imagained. And I am only disappointed that I cannot do this sooner. But I had to either have the surgery before the end of January or after Easter. (owing to conflicts with co-workers’ scheduled ‘crises’ and the increased work activity that comes with Lent/Easter preparations) A new x-ray shows that my hip has managed to deteriorate further (was that possible?) since I last saw the doc in July ‘04. It looks as bad as it feels...the doctor was surprised that I’m moving at all. Fran - my moral support and driver with a limber clutch leg - knows what a good (canine & human!) hip joint should look like and was appalled. I took Fran along so I wouldn’t back down at the last minute and try to talk my way out of what we know I need. Luckily, he added a few drugs to help keep me going.

The first thing I need to do when feeling a bit better is to start taking down the Christmas tree. And laundry...

Now, to call and check on the little hockey star. Let’s find out about his prognosis and also cheer up his sister, who is starting to feel like a 21st century Jeanie Bueller.

Well now Hazy Davy got really hurt
fell on the rink
and his arm no longer fits in his shirt...

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