Friday, January 06, 2006

Now I’m sick. Counting my blessings that we were all well for the wedding, but disappointed that I couldn’t pull myself together for our office Christmas party. I may be able to have a productive week-end. As long as I can perform all tasks from the fetal position under a pile of blankets.

We had our grab bag gifts ready to go.
Perhaps I will save the Rocky Balboa Dancing Hamster Doll for next year. What I was looking forward to passing along is The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living.* This is a treasure that can’t wait. I’ve had such a blast reading it that I was psyched to give a copy away. Not that it will take me long to find an opportunity. But it is always fun to surprise people with a clever gift. Like a singing fish plaque, an annoying dancing hamster or a really good book. That must be the appeal of the present swap at the’s as close as any of us get to appearing on Let’s Make a Deal.

* I’m not enamored of the concept of buying onself Christmas gifts - be it book or Jaguar - but I rationalized this one on the grounds that tacking it on to one last Amazon order qualified me for SuperSaver shipping.

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