Thursday, December 01, 2005

and Congratulations to my old boss.

Il Papa ha nominato Ausiliare dell’arcidiocesi di Chicago (U.S.A.) il Sacerdote George J. Rassas, del clero della medesima arcidiocesi, Vicario Generale, assegnandogli la sede titolare vescovile di Reperi.
And to think I almost blew off work because of a wretched headache. And I didn’t check the Vatican daily “bollettino” (by which I am teaching myself pidgen Italian) and I could have missed a day of such excitement. Head still hurts but we’re feeling happy. So it’s off to bed to channel surf between Pope movies and watch the news.

And, hey Em, with all due respect, what did you think Il Papa had nominated him for? A Major Award! Well, yes, it came from Italy. But not in a crate marked F-R-A-G-I-L-E. Four years of Latin? Hmmm. Or is it wedding on the brain?
We have enjoyed the the 30-Second Christmas Story with Bunnies. About 50 times since I talked to you!
I do think it’s weird that they waffled with the politically correct Holiday Greetings on the start up screen. It’s called A Christmas Story, for crying out loud. If you find Christmas offensive, you probably have stumbled into the wrong bunny movie anyway.

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