Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Like people who need food from a food bank need germs more than we do. Like people who can’t afford enough food can afford Nyquil, Halls lozenges and potential emergency room visits:

”As for polite cookie disposal, Tribune advice columnist Amy Dickinson says that if you're nervous about eating anything--for dietary or for any reason at all--then simply don't eat it. Thank the person graciously, take the treats home ("I'm saving these for dessert") and do with them what you will.And if you feel guilty about tossing them in the garbage, Janse suggests donating them to a food bank or "leaving them in the downstairs cafeteria for others (just not anyone you like!)." “ (bold emphasis is mine)

As for microbes on the office copier...I don’t worry so much. Since the copier at work is more of a potential source of apoplexy than infection.

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