Monday, December 19, 2005

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.
What can I say? My father was right. I thought the Thoreau quote was just a stock phrase he pulled out anytime I wanted a new outfit. Wish I had more time to write about my week-end, especially the test run of “can we get dressed and to the church on time?” (aka the 1:00pm wedding of the daughter of close friends. Just Rick and me. At our parish. An hour later than Emily’s noon wedding. How complicated could that be?) The answer: NO. It was a beautiful wedding. And the kind of week-end that will be really, really the future. I’ll just drop a hint. By Sunday afternoon I was pumped full of Tylenol 3, watching Rick try on suits at Nordstrom Rack. (Don’t worry Em and Ed - they didn’t have the bright blue Burberry suit in his size. But if we had the money to blow on jokes it would have fun to get him one. Just to see the look on your faces. Of course, if we had a lot of money the whole disaster would have been a non-issue. But sometimes a lack of money is a blessing. It keeps one from doing rash, unnecessary things. Like buying the cool neckties - in von Huben family orange - that would have been very funny to give to all the men in the wedding party....)

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