Saturday, December 10, 2005

Come for the bickering beavers...
stay for the marvelous story.

Being short on willful suspension of disbelief and possessing little interest in fantasy (OK, I like “Bridadoon” but that is probably an anomaly) I had never read any of that Narnia stuff. Was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe made into some cartoon movie a few decades back? Well, I didn’t see that, either. So it was because it was Eddie’s birthday movie choice* that I went along to the movies yesterday. The trailers we saw last summer made it look tolerable if not somewhat interesting.

What a marvelous time we had. Charming and profound...not an easy feat of filmmaking.
I see on the back of the Cheerios box that I can enter a Narnia Online contest to win free tickets. I think I shall do that. This is definitely a movie we want to see again. Oh, that Tilda Swinton is cold...such an exquisite depiction of evil. Cold, selfish, impatient, false...

Tickets had been on sale since the fall, but not knowing what time our plans would accomodate we just jumped in the car and headed out to ShowPlace 8 for the 3:30 show.
It was nicely attended**, but we were in no danger of not getting a seat. (My worst case scenario was a vision of standing in the lobby with Rick and the boys, saying, “We either come back when tickets are available or we go to see RENT.)

* Talk about great family planning. Big Christmas movies often often on Eddie’s birthday. The early summer blockbusters (such as last year’s Star Wars whatever) open on Chuck’s birthday.

** Whenever we go to the earliest movie on a school day, I am tempted to stand up and shout, “How many homeschoolers do we have in the house?”

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