Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where do you go when you're lonely
Where do you go when you're blue
Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you
When the stars go blue...

Penny wise and spiritually foolish, I skipped morning Mass just about every day this week. All in the interest of getting to my desk early and getting some work done before the phones start ringing. Professionally speaking, it was the right thing to do...having been a little stretched trying to cover two desks and myriad tasks while the official Parish Secretary is still out on a medical leave of absence.

But heaven knows that the tough days are the ones that need to be started in the Presence of the Lord. Even on the not so crazy days, it helps me to put it all into perspective. There is a bit of a disconnect for me. A mission of utmost importance combined with mind-numbing tasks. Each phone call a chance at addrressing an aggressive telemarketer, a kvetching parishioner or , then again, a soul in need of a priest. Every day is (and I mean this in the most reverent way I can express) a double bill of The Passion of the Christ and Office Space.

I think it would be the better investment in my performance, dedication and, oh Lord, my patience to start the day off right. (My patience most sorely tested by the demands of family life coupled with one too many kind parishioners who suggest I take a page from Secretary X’s book and get some arthroplasty on my hip. Like it’s that easy. Blech.)

I shall approach the coming week differently. Starting my day suffused in the blue glow of the sun as it passes through the church windows.

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