Saturday, October 08, 2005

There’s nothing wrong with me...
that a demi-plie in fifth position wouldn’t exacerbate. So I think I’ll just file the big introduction to the ballet coloring book that I bought at the library book sale. Maybe we’ll have some fun with it after Christmas and the wedding.

My goal for this week-end is to use my time to prioritize things around the house. It looks like I’ll be working longer hours for the next month (which, with Christmas and a wedding on the horizon could be providential) and I desperately want to have some sort of organization at home. Certain projects should definitely wait until January - like the papier mache sarcophagus that we were going to construct for our Egypt study. Our small home gets a little crowded Thanksgiving through Christmas, and with Embot’s wedding added to the mix, the last thing we need is a life size papier mache sarcophagus in any stage of assembly.

So, now I must take advantage of the rush of energy that comes with the arrival of cold autumnal air. The energy may not last. And since I hate to turn the heat on until we absolutely must, the temptation to curl up under the fleecy blanket and finish my current reading and a stack of accumulated periodicals may be irresistible.

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