Friday, October 21, 2005

It was so like...The Jetsons
It was just Eddie and me for dinner last night, so we went to the local Panera Bread for soup. After noticing the wi-fi users on our last visit there, Eddie just had to bring his laptop. During dinner I realized we were surrounded by people with laptops, cell phones, iPods. I felt like I had just stepped into an episode of the Jetsons. All I needed to do was change Eddie's name to Elroy and convince the car to fly us home.

I was glad that Elroy Eddie was off playing LEGOS when I turned on the telly to watch PrimeTime on ABC. They had a piece about cute little white supremacist singing twin sisters. Creepy and sad. (Such a quick jump from The Jetsons to The Twilight Zone) Oh...and of course they homeschool. And these are the homeschoolers that people are going to remember when homeschooling comes up in conversation. Oh, boy.

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