Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hmmm....6:46 pm
The boys and I were going to put in twenty more minutes towards their holy hour. (I may have mentioned previously that ‘we’ are doing this in baby steps.) Fran wanted to cook dinner tonight and I don’t think it will be cooked and eaten in the next fourteen minutes. ( I’m realistic enough to know that this is not something to be undertaken with boys who haven’t eaten in seven hours.) Looks like I’ll just work on prepping for tomorrow night’s bible study for children. Maybe I can move my Recaro bucket seat over to the school table. That’s the ticket. This is comfy. I could sit here indefinitely. (a little deja vu of last evening’s Nip/Tuck season premiere...but that’s a whole other thing.)

Is it asking too much for things to flow smoothly on the third Wednesday of the month? Maybe.

Maybe it is good for me to practice being gracious and cheerful when I can’t get things to go my way. Even if the scope of my ambition is limited to spending an hour at adoration. When I am so chargrined about adjusting my plans that is a good sign that it’s about me, not about Jesus.

Time to relax, count my blessings and queue up for Fran’s pico de gallo...

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