Sunday, September 25, 2005

Charlie Watts has the my tired blood
“You can’t stop once you get going, if you’re a drummer. A guitar player can lay back in the middle. A drummer has to be there all the time. I didn’t know if I could make it.”*
This could be the answer to my malaise. I think, if families were bands, moms would be the drummers. Not to denigrate the importance of other family members, especially dads. But performing in the great arena of life, dads are the front men. There are other soloists of import. But mom is the drummer. The heart of the home which sets the beat for everyone else. Sometimes the necessity of consistency and constancy is just...exhausting.
But that’s the way it is. I’ll be Charlie. Rick can be Mick. And as long as nobody tries to be Keith Richards, we’ll be OK.

* This quote is from the 9/22/05 Rolling Stone, which I bought at the Jewel one morning last week. The clerk asked me if I was buying it for my kids, which left me with a feeling not unlike the indignation I would feel when a librarian or clerk would ask me if I was old enough for a particular piece of literature. Now they're implying I'm too old. But maturity and/or fatigue makes protest futile.

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