Friday, June 03, 2005

Is this what they call fun on a Friday night?

Just trying to make light chit-chat with Rick. I mentioned the fun of flipping through the local society tabloid. But I didn’t stop with the mention of bling, big teeth and the very nice picture of our former pastor at a charity function...with his name misspelled. No I had to draw his attention to the article about a woman who runs a local IVF clinic. All sugary smile and effusive praise. Right down to the description of her “EMBRYOS” vanity license plate. And then I had to mention that she is a parishioner at our parish. Somehow this deteriorated into an unpleasant fight debate about the “personal choices” of our fellow Catholics. We must be a tad testy at the end of the week if we can be in agreement about such a travesty and scandal and still wind up snapping at each other. Imagine if we had disagreed..

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