Saturday, January 01, 2005

Well, I am stubborn...
Take the quiz: "What Historic Woman Are You?"

Katherine of Aragon
Daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, Katherine married Henry VIII of England in 1509 and, after 20 years of marriage and only a daughter to show for it, was displaced by Henry for a younger woman. She refused to grant him a divorce, even when he made her live in a shack with no funds or medical care. To her dying breath she refused to acknowledge that she was not the Queen. She was stubborn, brilliant, pious, and beautiful. Read more about her:

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This queen has big plans for her day. After Mass, I'm putting my jammies back on and am going to spend the day hanging out with the family. If I can take control of the DVD player for a while, I'm in the mood for a good long session with the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT boxed set that Bridget's beau gave us for Christmas. Or Chuck's THE CRITIC collection... Did anyone buy any cheese corn?

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