Monday, January 10, 2005


Of all the inane stuff one can find in Vanity Fair, the goofiest is the MY STUFF column. As if anybody cared what kind of stuff the famous and near famous must have. Well, maybe somebody does care. So here is MY STUFF:
- Grooming Products -
Shampoo Suave
Moisturizer Lubriderm and Lansinoh brand lanolin It’s all the beauty product a girl needs. Good for men, too.
Cologne Tea Rose or Crabtree & Evelyn’s Lily of the Valley
Hair Products A brush?
Toothpaste Colgate Total
Electronics -
Cell phone none!
Computer Embot’s old iMac and a PC at work
Television That TV we brought home from my late Uncle Dan’s. Can’t remember the brand. It works. Nice picture. Who could want more?
Stereo Little but powerful Sony CD player/radio that the family gave me for my birthday last year. And in my boudoir, a really nice CD boombox from Rick. That still works even though the Princess managed to drop it down the stairs.
- Home -
Sheets Whatever is clean. If I have a chance, I’ll splurge and buy the splashy Ralph Lauren sheets off the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx
Coffee-Maker Braun. Really cool. Didn’t use it, so I gave it to charity
Car Blue Amigo and a peeling blue 1986 GMC van.
Stationery scratch paper
- Beverage -
Bottled Water Citrus flavored seltzer. The local tap water tastes extremely funky of late
Coffee Whatever is brewing at work
Vodka Yeah, right
Beer Leinenkugel. Abita Light.
- Clothes -
Jeans None. I’m all about the khaki. The khaki off the Target discount rack
T-shirt see Target discount rack.
Briefcase or Tote? Tote. That oversized Mary Poppinsish tote that I bought at the Salvation Army.
Sneakers Nikes. I used to insist on Adidas' Stan Smiths. But that was when Daddy Smith was picking up the tab. Now it’s strictly discount rack...
Watch None. Had a nice old one that one of my daughters borrowed and over-wound. My fault for not explaining how watches worked back in the day. Had a cool watch off the discount rack at Target...but I gave it to Martha when hers pooped out
- Favorite Places -
Paris; New Orleans; any Catholic church - in front of the tabernacle; bed
- Necessary Extravagance -
FOX Laugh-Out-Loud Sunday; Vanity Fair; sleep

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