Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another scathingly brilliant idea...

The Lady in the Pew’s post about ‘ministry’ came to mind several times in the past week. When a bunch of us were changing the missalettes, when volunteers show up on short notice to get out a mailing, when I see the devotion of a friend of the pastor’s who does a lot of secretarial work for him - gratis... So I think......these people need a ministry. The problem is that those lovely plastic badges that ‘ministers’ wear (at about $9 a piece - don’t even get me started) can accomodate a limited number of letters. That makes the official “St. -----’s Ministry of Sonofabitchin’ thankless jobs that have to get done and we do out of love” badge a bit of a stretch. If these people don’t get a badge, how will they continue in their ministry? How, I ask you?

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