Thursday, November 11, 2004

The world continues to deteriorate
The dogs must be crazy

Forgot the Marine Corps Birthday, but I did remember Rick’s nine year pheochromocytoma anniversary. If I were more organized I would have baked a (kidney-shaped) cake.

The dogs that ran away on Tuesday when their run snapped were found yesterday. Wrapped around a tree. I didn’t want any broken hearts here, but I can’t say that I wasn’t enjoying 24 hours without them. I wouldn’t want them to be hurt, but I can’t say I wasn’t entertaining fantasies of them being taken in by a kindly millionaire. But reality meant standing outside in my nightgown with a leash in each hand at six fifteen. Scrappy ran out unleashed, but his aversion to cold kept him from wandering far.

I remembered to put the charitable contributions out on the porch yesterday morning. I forgot last week - in my fog after my trip to the ER. But now I can’t find my notebook that I need for my meeting with my spiritual director. I hope it didn’t go out with the charity stuff. Of course, there was a casual meeting of some Fran’s boyfriend’s bandmates in my living room before dinner. Hope the notebook wasn’t accidentally hijacked by some Norwegian symphonic death metal artists. I wandered through the house asking if anyone had seen a yellow notebook (maybe it would have helped if I had written DEEP THOUGHTS on the cover) and the most constructive information I received was a reiteration of my own advice, “If you’re stuff is that important, don’t leave it on the hutch in the living room.”

Rick’s planning some Veterans’ Day supplemental activities for the boys this morning. I’m thinking of declaring the afternoon a (cleaning) holiday. I meant to do more cleaning on Saturday, but then my sister called and I felt like a pretty good housekeeper compared to the lady with 450+ cats and all the feces etc. Then my pastor called to let me know about his reassignment. I was happy for him, but felt a little at loose ends, so I decided to wash the kitchen ceiling. With a Wet Swiffer thing. (I am sure this is ‘off label’ use, but it worked for me) The ceiling really needed help and I didn’t think the Swiffer would make it any worse. And it sure beats hopping up and down on a chair. The dry Swiffer things are pretty good for dusting the walls.....I just have to be careful not to knock down pictures and tchotchkes.

For several days there have been conflicting Internet reports on the death of Yasser Arrafat. So why did they have to interrupt the last 2 minutes of CSI:New York to announce his death. I mean, it was so close to ten, couldn’t it have waited? I rarely follow a detective show from beginning to end, so I felt like my efforts to follow the plot line last night were totally foiled.

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