Friday, October 15, 2004

Language Lesson...

that the kids were best off missing. (It made the beagle howl, so it must have been good!) Was trying to steal a few last winks in the rainy darkness. My sweet half-sleep was disturbed by a loud exchange coming from the apartments next door. It was a little early for the kids to queuing up for the 6:30am high school bus, so I suppose these were freelance adults talking. I could have sworn that the one fellow had been given the assignment to use F**K in every way possible - noun, verb, adverb, adjective. I was torn between throwing open the window and yelling, “you forgot will be f**king,” or using my active listening skills and cheerfully calling out, “I’m hearing a lot of anger here.”
Once the dogs were riled up there was no point in trying to wring some relaxation out of the 7 minutes left before the alarm went off. Can’t wait for the end of daylight saving time so we can be back to a lighter morn. Then these tirades won’t be quite so annoying. Or I’ll be annoyed, but the light will have me awake so I can brace myself.

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