Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I've reduced the size of the worm picture...
but another worm takes up residence.
for the sake of the more delicate reader. It did not go over too well with the family, either. I must admit to a bit of passive-agressive behavior on my part. The family was grousing about an IMac undergoing work on the dining room table. The work - a charitable concern, pater reminded us - was not finished when our light supper was ready so we just ate around it. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with the complaining about the Mac's presence, since those complaining were not those who were intending to sup with the family.* And I became bored with the computer chatter among the males and their hope that I would be enthused at the ethernet connection of the ailing computer. So I said to Rick, "Now that you're wireless, maybe you'd want to take a look at my blog." I'm not sure if he did see it, since he asked me what was new with the blog and I did blurt out a preemptory discussion of heartworms as a metaphor for sin. Oh, well, one more worm for me to deal with.

*Thanks for the memories, kids. We were allowed to read, work crossword puzzles, etc. at breakfast and lunch. Books, magazines, refernce works would pile up. And then the person who felt outnumbered would make a comment along the lines of, "what is this, the Chrisitian Science Reading Room?"

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