Friday, September 24, 2004

Question of the day from Catholic Light.
Why are church secretaries so... sour?...

I don’t think we are. Not in the least. Though we have cause. Boy, do we have cause. Some calls this week: “Dad doesn’t care about me.” “Chuck spit on me.” “The AAMCO guy says I need a new clutch.....can you lend me some money ‘til payday?” “I have a tread split in a rear tire......can you take me to Sam’s Club tonight?” “is s-k-a-n-k a real word?” “Could you GOOGLE something for me?” “Anybody I know getting married?” “What’s for dinner?” "I don't want to do my math page." “Can you lend me money for gas?” And those are just from Rick and the kids.

I squeeze those guys between the real calls. The work calls are the ones that really get the best of my love. Even the callers who are so sour themselves that the deserve a complimentary bag of Sour Patch Kids. The way I figure it is that I don’t know what makes some folks so sour, but I am there as a representative of the Church and therefore, Christ himself. So I will be as good and sweet as humanly possible. Unless you are a recorded sales message. Then all bets are off....

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