Monday, September 27, 2004

The marvelous opportunity to order a real Swingline 747 Rio Red stapler presented itself last week. I tried to hide my delight and handle this just like any other office supply request. I knew the day would come when someone requested a new stapler - no particular color, just so it used the same staples as all the others. And it is beautiful - a red Porsche of a stapler.

Today our new associate pastor was talking about "Office Space." I asked if he had seen this new stapler. He didn't even know that you could really get a red one. He does happen to need a stapler. So he is next on the red stapler list. I try to buy only when I have a large enough order to qualify for free shipping. Let's hope that time is soon.....I almost wish someone would steal my perfectly adequate black stapler. It appears to have about 100 years left in its natural life, so there is no way I can expect the Church to replace it just to satisfy my aesthetic whim. (and it would look so, so good next to the red lacquer letter-sorting thing I refinished for my office) Oh, well, maybe at tax return time. That would be a nice mid-winter pick-me-up. I may not have a Jaguar in the parking lot, but I'd have the sportscar of staplers on my desk.

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