Saturday, September 25, 2004

"I beg ye, I can't live with the pain of being this nation's whipping post any longer. Untie me please and wash me down I ask ye."
Speaking as a fellow mother, I admire Sinead’s work against lice. All the radio jokers have never been on the receiving end of a “lice notice” from the local school. And if lice are gross and distressing to the average American mom, I beg the media to imagine what it is like to need de-lousing and not know where to come up with the money for the shampoo, RID furniture spray and endless loads of laundry in water as hot as possible. (Having not always been particularly solvent, it is a feeling of panic that is quite easy to recall.) Yeah, I agree, she’s more than six tracks short of an album. And she should take a deep breath, calm down and attempt to summon a semblance of a sense of humor. The “nitwit” e-mail address is a splendid mnemonic device. She should remember that Bono is a nice enough guy, but he’s probably been performing and/or doing good deeds when his wife may have received any lice notices for his family.

And if she should succeed in making Ireland the first louse-free nation, I’d be the first to nominate her for a major award!

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