Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I guess this is fun. We have the DSL hooked up and all the kinks worked out. It is fast. Wish I would be around more to play with it....
Time to tweak last minute Thanksgiving preparations. (Like make sure the 20 pound Butterball has defrosted. Find the good tablecloth. Chill the bottle of "Three Buck Chuck.") Rick and the kids are doing all the work. I just have to sit back and enjoy. I did want to make the cranberry ice that has been part of Smith family Thanksgivings and Christmases since I was in fifth grade. It is not difficult to make but requires an amount of attention that I was not able to commit to because I was gone all day. Oh, well, there is always Christmas. (If I think of it I shall post the recipe. It is simple, very pretty and the perfect tart side dish to all the other rich foods. It also makes a nice float with 7-UP or a delicious champagne shrub.)

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