Sunday, October 19, 2003

Spelling Test:

1. Symposium.
Mom didn’t approve of the symposium being held in the family room.

2. Document .
Get the camera so we can document this scene.

3. Efficacious .
Clear Contact paper is an efficacious protectant against spills and stains on our Ancient Greece folders.

4.Desecrate .
How dare you kids desecrate the school table with your bar supplies.

5. Majority .
Mom doesn’t care if you have reached the age of majority - you’re my kids and are not allowed to use the school table as a bar.

6. Imprudent .
It shouldn’t be imprudent to leave Bridget unattended for two hours while we eat dinner at Grandma’s.

7. Evade .
Do not try to evade the issue by using coy terms like symposium, bacchanal, salon etc.

8. Exasperation .
Exasperation . Exasperation . Exasperation .

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