Saturday, October 04, 2003

Mrs. von, your roots are showing....
Two highlights in a rather long and frustrating week at school. (In the interest of full disclosure, my homeschoolers haven’t been a treat to work with, either.) There were two moments when I had the children’s full attention.

1) I reminded them to line up and be quiet at the bubbler. This had to be translated for them with the explanation that where I come from a drinking fountain is called a bubbler. (Just Milwaukee......a lot of these kids have travelled extensively, yet they do not speak Wisconsinese.)

2) A child asked me who I preferred, the Cubs or the Braves. (Like I would say the Braves. Am I nuts?) I told them I hadn’t cared for the Braves since they moved out of Milwaukee. Indeed, they were totally flumoxed at the announcement that when I was their age, the Braves were the Milwaukee Braves. (I had a hat. I even collected cards. Henry Aaron lived in my town - though on the posher side of the Milwaukee River.)

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