Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday? Again?
Another week-end of thrills, surprises and truncated naps.

Rick and the kids brought the dogs up to Church for their blessing on Saturday morning. Eddie and Rick stopped at the Rectory to say “hi,” having the good sense not to bring those nutty pups into the office. Chuck wanted to bring the gerbil also, but pater nixed that, figuring that managing three dogs would be enough of a circus. Chuck has attributed the little rodent’s extremely extended life span to regular this was a good opportunity to remind him that this is a blessing, not a superstitious practice.

Home Depot brought the new fridge after 1:00 and I managed to be away for most of that ordeal. Rick and his dad ripped up the old linoleum and the plywood underneath....only to reveal another layer of puke yellow two-tone textured linoleum that is so ‘70’s that we should donate a chunk to the Smithsonian. Fortunately, for my delicate sensibilities, the old floor is not in good condition - including holes from the application of the top layer of plywood - and will be covered up some time this week. The new fridge is fabulous. Nothing fancy....but it works!!! And the boys are getting a suitable amount of fun out of the box.

With the exception of the rotting garbage on the curb, due to the garbage haulers strike, the whole week-end had a strange PAX TV aura to it. (Sorry, dear neighbors, but that garbage is not going back into the garage - it contains the rotting food from the old refrigerator.) Plot: stressed out family gets to help people and learns to count its blessings.
1)I met two women in the parking lot on my way out of work. They were looking for a place to buy a rosary in a hurry. They were from Texas for the older woman’s grandson’s graduation at Great Lakes. We don’t have a gift shop, but since they didn’t have time to motor out to Marytown, I hooked them up.

2)I found a purse in a cart at Dominick’s on my way home from Church.

3)An old man came to our door, asking for directions and then sort of collapsed. He was confused and exhausted. Rick was able to figure out that the man had wandered off from the nursing home several blocks away and returned him. I'm glad Rick did this, because he is more diplomatic than I am in this sort of situation. I would have taken the man in and then started a vociferous complaint about how the employees had 'dropped the ball.'

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