Wednesday, October 08, 2003

About Arnold....
I wish him well. Can’t say that I agree with him about everything. In many ways he strikes me as a Democrat in Republican clothing.
...and the gropees.
I do not wish to diminish the discomfort of any woman who feels she has been hurt or violated by inappropriate touching. But I also think that such incidents should be addressed as quickly and basically as possible. (Naturally, I make exceptions for frightened children or women who feel their safety is in danger.) I was explaining to my daughters that I was ‘groped’ a crowded bar on St. Patrick’s Day. (Not this year....sometime in the last century) I stopped walking, reached behind me and grabbed the hand of the ‘groper,’ held it up and giving it a mild swat, said, “Shame on you.” I don’t know how ashamed he was, but I know that I remember the incident but don’t carry it around in my heart as a moment of guilt and humiliation. Maybe I was supposed to ask his name and tell him, “II’ll be back to haunt you if you ever run for public office.”

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