Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Thanks to my orthodontist, I’m shy!
Crouched in the fetal position is the most popular sleep pattern and favored by 51 percent of women, according to the results of the study he conducted for a large hotel group.

Fetal sleepers tend to be shy and sensitive while people who assume the soldier position, flat on their back with arms at their sides, are quiet and reserved.

The freefall, flat on the tummy with the hands at the sides of the head, is the most unusual position. Only 6.5 percent of people prefer it and they are usually brash and gregarious.

I was a freefall person. Until 6th grade. The wearing of one of those orthodontic head thingamajigs broke me of that habit. Now I’m pure fetal position. If I go back to sleeping flat on my stomach, will I become brash and gregarious? Or will I just leave the house each morning with strange patterns pressed into my face?

Oh, well, I'll quit the kvetching. At least my teeth are straight. And I only had to wear that device at bedtime. Some people wore theirs 24/7.

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