Saturday, September 27, 2003

Roll ‘em, Lester

Stream of consciousness computer play while waiting for Embot to drive home from Champaign....
I started thinking about our schedule for the week-end. Then I remembered the Chatty Cathies at church. Thinking of Chatty Cathy made me think of a TV character from my childhood, Lippy Lucy. I can remember very little about Lippy Lucy except the catch phrase, “I’m Lippy Lucy and I love to talk and talk and talk.”

A Google search for Lippy Lucy sent me to the Toon Tracker site: In Search of Lost Toons. Little info about Lucy, except to mention that her show was a replacement for Pops’ Theater, a staple of my childhood TV viewing. I thought it was the mother begged to differ. Especially when the Stooges were on.

..... an old theater usher named "Pops", who worked at the fictional Bee-Jou (Bijou) Theater. With a studio audience full of cub scouts and brownies, Pops told tasteless jokes, talked about his wife Effie, and introduced the showing of old Three Stooges shorts by shouting "Roll 'Em, Lester" as the movie was about to begin.

Ah, the memories.
I must at some point reveal that WGN Channel 9’s meteorologist Tom Skilling used to work with a puppet (Albert the Alley Cat) back in his early days in Milwaukee. Funny, he doesn’t mention the puppet much....

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