Monday, September 08, 2003

Law and Order: SUV
This article caused me to tsk-tsk over breakfast this morning...
The SUVs at a Land Rover dealership were painted with words like "Avarice" and "Gluttony" Thursday night or early Friday morning, Santa Fe police said. The initials "ELF" where among the messages, a likely reference to the radical Earth Liberation Front, city police said.

By 9:00 am I was ready to join the ELFs myself. First there was the Range Rover that cut me off in the high school drop-off queue.

Then I went to church, where I have enough time for some prayer and can make it to my morning job if I tip-toe out of the 8:00am Mass right after the homily. It’s not unusual for us to find ourselves ‘parked in’ on a Sunday morning. But today was the first time it happened to me on a week-day. A nice big Lexus SUV. By the time I let myself into the rectory to call the primary school and report my tardiness, I was too irritable to return to church. So I helped myself to a banana, read yesterday’s Sun-TImes and then returned to my vehicle in time to be perched in the driver’s seat, ready to roll as soon as the big obstruction moved. Then I was almost run down in the primary school parking lot - by another luxury SUV. (This is when I get really scared. If the little ladies piloting these mega-rigs come close to picking off a large target such as myself there’s a lot of peril out there for little old ladies and wandering little children.)

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