Sunday, August 16, 2009

(Winding Down) Summer Thoughts

There were armed guards at John Hughes' funeral. So knowing how to get in the back door of the funeral parlor home wouldn't have done me any good. But I can still fantasize about running into Ben Stein at CVS. You know, if he had needed to pick up gum or something before heading back to the real world.

And here's a little mnemonic I learned from one of my favorite funeral directors: ice cream parlor / funeral home.

I'm still mastering Facebook and Twitter. The girls pointed out that I had my relationship status marked "Complicated." Oooops. I think I meant my life was complicated. Not that I'm looking to replace their father. And I do count myself blessed to be befriended on Facebook by them, since I know so many people who have been 'rejected' by their children.

Oh, to be young and able to swim in the front yard.
But we can live vicariously through Lilyanne.

Some People Really Went Places This Summer!

And some of us went to the movies...

Yes, Up was exquisite,funny, beautiful and sweet.
But also so suffused with loss and the necessity of detachment. The boys and I walked out of the theater in stunned semi-silence. I tried to make happy chat on the way home; all the while with a 'punched in the gut' feeling I hadn't felt since 1972 when I made the mistake of going to see Sam Peckinpah's The Getaway.

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smockmomma said...

"not that i'm looking to replace their father."

i actually snorted when i read this. yes, snorted. please do not make the pregnant lady snort. it's unseemly. =0)

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