Saturday, August 29, 2009

I pre-ordered this book months ago in a fit of optimism that I'd be able to afford it by the time it shipped. Well, it shipped a bit early. I think it shipped two days ago, which means it could have pushed my account into the negative realms...
Oh, well. And I did lock in a very good price. Better than the current list price. [I did feel compelled to announce to anyone within earshot that "I did not pay $45 dollars for this book!"] That's not to say that I wouldn't pay $45 if I had the discretionary $$$ and that were the absolute going price. It appears to be very intense...and filled with that 11 point type that screams both "fabulous scholarship" and "your eyes ain't gonna be enjoying this at 9:00pm on a Friday."

Now it's 3:00am and I'm having an uncommon spell of insomnia. I don't think scouring the house to find someone awake and persuading him or her to read me a chapter is a workable solution. I thought of grabbing some medically sound Benadryl to knock me out - since I'm still in the grips of that creepy cough* it could probably have a most beneficial double effect. But there are three caps left. So I leave them for the more urgent cases and let the knowledge that I must trudge off to WalMart tomorrow to restock on Benadryl, ibuprofen, TP, dog food, dishwasher tablets etc. be one more annoyance keeping me awake. Yes, my inner Pollyanna reminds me that it would be a worse thing not to have any money with which to go to WalMart.
But, no, I'm not thrilled. And I had great plans for tomorrow. Attend to spiritual needs, go to Robeks and get a smoothie - found some coupons! - read.
In the interim, this will cheer me up:

"Lord, I get a headache just thinkin' about it..."

GUM indeed!

*the rheumatologist didn't hear anything wrong with my lungs. He told me if it didn't get better in a week or so to call my internist. Swell. By that time no one will want to be around me. Except for all the other people I know who have the same afflication.

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